Who is Amy Jones?

Who is Amy Jones?

It’s not every day you get to sing for the President. But that’s just an ordinary day in the life of rising star Amy Jones. The Western Cape beauty is a member of the South African Youth Choir which sees her traveling all over the country.

Recently, Amy and her choir traveled to Parliament to perform for President Jacob Zuma in Cape Town.  All eyes were no doubt on her during her solo in two of the songs.

“I met the president and it was awesome,” she says excitedly. “It was quite surreal singing for him at that time. Looking at him and how he was watching me perform was just great. Overall it was one of the biggest moments of my singing career.”

Amy has been singing since the age of five and has taught herself to play the guitar as well as the piano.  She says singing is something she’s grown to love.

“I realized along the line, that it’s a passion I have and whenever I sing now, it just changes how I may be feeling in that moment –  for the better. It’s like I go to this happy place and nothing else matters there.”

At the tender age of ten, Amy was already performing for big crowds.

“I remember my first talent show, I was 10 years old and that was the first big crowd I ever had to sing for. I forgot my lyrics and I just made up words until I actually got to the right ones,” she laughs.

The 17-year-old has entered many talent shows since then – including this year’s Huisgenoot Skouspel Plus and Skouspel – something she describes as an awesome experience.

“Singing in public wasn’t actually a problem for me. Yes, I do get nervous but who doesn’t? I love performing on stage.  I want to reach out to people and inspire them. I believe music can describe what words can’t say, but what the heart can feel. It’s all got to do with what lies inside your heart,” she says. “I believe music isn’t good if it doesn’t take you on a journey that inspires you, to be more than what you think you can be.”

Along the way she’s learned that it isn’t always about taking home the top prize.

“One doesn’t always have to win or lose with the talent you have. We’re all different in our own way.  I just like to give it my all and to do my best. I’m just blessed and thankful for everything that has happened in my singing career so far. “

While she admires artists like Celine Dion, Leona Lewis and James Morrison, Amy has a passion for gospel music. Her favourite group is Jesus Culture.

“I’m currently listening to soft-rock/pop gospel. It creates this awesome atmosphere that I just love,” she says adding: “I always say to myself: ‘Who I am and what I have is God’s gift to me, but what I become and what I do with what I have is my gift to God.’

When the grade 11 Stellenberg High school pupil isn’t studying for her final exams you can find her doing vocal training three times a week and writing songs.

“Whenever I feel the need to write or when I get a melody in my head then I just start writing. I normally finish songs in two to three days and then after it’s complete I just try to perfect it in any possible way.”

While most aspiring singers dream of the fame and money that comes with being a successful artist, Amy just wants to encourage people through her music.

“I see myself as an inspiring role model for others, performing and doing what I love the best. I want to inspire people to never give up and that everyone has a purpose in life. I see myself sharing these 3 powerful words with others: dream, inspire and faith.  And that’s just that- I dream to inspire people through my faith.”

More about Amy Isabel Jones:

I’m a very caring and loving person. I don’t live for me but I live for God and I strive to be what He wants me to be. I don’t find it difficult talking to people at all. I’m an outgoing person, but I do love my ‘ME-TIME’. I love reading and my favourite book at the moment is Never Give Up by Joyce Meyer. My favourite movies are The Last Song and If Only. My favourite food is pasta, pasta and more pastas. I’m actually afraid of snakes – I mean who isn’t right?! I also dislike spiders. My motto in life is that everything happens for specific reasons and that life will somehow always want to bring you down but whether you fall it’s not about how or when but it’s about standing up and trying again and again. Sounds like I have another interesting song to write about haha. I’m a very friendly person and I sometimes do ask questions that one normally wouldn’t ask. But I guess I’m an extra ordinary person – like they say it’s that little bit of extra that counts.

Well done to you Amy!  May your success continue!  We know you have what South Africa needs!

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